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We currently live in a world that is defined by speed, and there is nothing more “instant” than the internet. When used effectively the internet has the power to outreach and outperform any other source of media. I have been working in this field extensively for the last several years, and today I have the perfect means for you

and your company to go digital, and I call it UpRankr! Your customers are looking for instant (and on demand) information and a well designed, developed and search engine optimised website has the potential to generate the most consumers for your business. To know more just book a Free Strategy Session with me.

Who is Arpit Gupta?



My name is Arpit Gupta, and I am here to help you take your business into the online world and multiply your earning potential. Wondering how? Read on.

My Background!

I spent my late teens in one of India’s most prestigious institutes, IIT – Delhi, immediately after which I started working with the world renowned KPMG advisory where I got exposed to the abundance of Management Consulting. Day in and day out I was slowly immersing myself into the world of businesses strategies, operational optimisations, and technology driven business processes.

What followed was my first claim to fame – Piquor. This was around the time when the word “startup” was still being crowned, and I was in the midst of all the action. Piquor was my brainchild, and I am happy to say I was able to realize the potential of that thought and bring it out to fruition. Piquor still lives on today; however, it is now rebranded as RepUp.co. It was my first step into the world of digital marketing and was centred around the idea of using branded pictures and making them viral on social media to promote a brand. I got the opportunity to work with many big brands like Pepsi, Nokia, Audi, Samsung, Adidas, Westin and helped them in their branding through digital media while learning a lot more about digital marketing myself. I soon realized the potential of digital media, and it was going to get bigger!

Let me show you some pictures. 

This is how the Piquor device and the branded pictures from it looked. 

Till now, we have captured more than 5 Mn branded pictures through Piquor! What an amazing feat! 

But what came next changed my life forever!!  

The next turn my life took was towards India’s largest online shopping research platform with more than 10 Million users logging in every month, MySmartPrice.com. As the VP for the entire Marketing and Sales division, I was uniquely equipped to hone my digital marketing skills further.

This is how MySmartPrice website users come. 52% are coming from search results. That is close to 7 Million users every month. Most of the direct users had also discovered the website through search initially, so that’s around 83% of the traffic (11 Million). And the best part is that all of this was achieved without putting in a lot of money and this is what makes SEO perfect for start-ups and small businesses looking for long term growth without the growing costs. 

Thus has been my journey so far, and the culmination of all my hard work and knowledge in this field has brought me today to this stage. Let me present to you, UpRankr.  

Through UpRankr, I aim to assist you in getting your business online, helping you to be discovered by right people at the right time and increase your earning potential. Combining my experience and skills that my team brings to the table, we are an unparalleled force in regards to acquiring customers for your business online. Click the button below to book a free strategy session and help me help you earn money!

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